Is digital marketing beneficial than the traditional marketing??

The basically marketing is the promoting or introducing the product or services to the market for the purpose of more revenue generation or simply for the more profit. The production of product is not only sufficient for profit gain, so that marketing is most important for the selling of product or increasing the more client response towards the business.

There is two ways to marketing of the products or services, one is the traditional and another is the latest trend of marketing that is digital marketing. Now the question is that what is digital marketing and why it is important factor for marketing??

When the people starts there business, to plan something about marketing of the products or services. The Digital marketing is the presence of our business on the internet in short online appearance.

Digital marketing is the two way communication of advertising, like Email marketing and Mobile marketing. This is myth that digital marketing is very costly marketing type. But the reality is the digital marketing is the cheaper than traditional marketing.

In traditional marketing marketer is unable to specify the age group, location, area of interest and the actual requirement of the customer, Vice versa In digital marketing the target audience is set according to the type of customer requirement or rate of interest.

In digital marketing no printing of banner, Newspaper advertisement or Television marketing is needed. All the work of marketing is done on online such as You Tube advertise, Google Advertisement, Social marketing advertisement and so on.

All the process of marketing is done by online, so no man force is required.

In traditional marketing the irrelevant client is targeted. But in digital marketing only genuine clients are targeted. So there is less west of money in marketing.

In today’s date the all person who have any query, directly search on the google for getting instant solution of their problem, So that advertisement on their mobile, laptop and computers, tablets are beneficial.

By all this report it is concluded that, Digital marketing is cheaper, quick responsive services than the traditional digital marketing.